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KU Kuang Yi and TIEN Zong Yuan

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This project seeks to set up a museum to introduce and demonstrate future holy pig culture. We posit a science fiction scenario in which, after the year 2020, there will exist numerous parallel worlds. Owing to different outcomes to the African swine fever outbreak, the holy pig culture in each of these parallel worlds will evolve into different faith narratives. Just as 100 years ago the colonial economy and agricultural policies of Japanese rule produced a massive influence on holy pig culture, the numerous different particular cases in different parallel worlds will open up a diversity of future holy pig cultures. Through the form of a museum, changes to holy pig culture from each parallel world are condensed into every kind of imaginary object and image, and presented in this imaginary museum.

Through the introduction of partial objects and fragmented narratives, the audience is led to piece together how the intervention of different factors may transform future religious culture. We hope that through these works the audience may reflect and explore how religiousness can be practiced in these different ways, if technology will become a help or a hindrance, and from these cases what insights we may glean into handed-down myths and taboos -- even a relationship between people, pigs and supernatural beings.

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December, 2021

腦波輸液神豬 Brain-Wave Feeding 

無特定病原設備飼育神豬 SPF - Specific Pathogen Free 

3D細胞列印神豬  3D Printing


藝術家 Artist

羅伃君 Lo Yu-Chun
田倧源 Tien Zong-Yuan
顧廣毅 Ku Kuang-Yi

藝術行政 Arts Administration

陳君婷 Chen Chun-Ting

攝影 Filming

羅伃君 Lo Yu-Chun
田倧源 Tien Zong-Yuan
陳昱辰 Chen Yu-Chen

博物館建築設計 Museum Architecture

田倧源 Tien Zong-Yuan
李佳樺 Lee Chia-Hua

網站與平面設計 Website & Graphic Design

黃郁慈 Huang Yu-Tzu

3D場景影像設計 3D Modeling Design

蕭羊希 Hsiao Yang-Hsi
黃勗 Nigel Huang 

網站架設 Website development

黃仁傑 Huang Ren-Jie/Jeyutech CTO

2021 台北美術獎入選
2021 荷蘭創意基金會 International Collaborations項目補助