Natrurim, also known as nudism, was a social movement that rose alongside the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the late 18th century. Discontent with industrialism, environmental pollution and the bourgeoisie, the rebels used nudity as a means to shatter social class. The clothes which represented social class were removed to embrace one’s natural state. In the past 200 years, nudity and sex have formed an inseparable tie. Today, the often private naturist events still seem mysterious and provoke many myths and stigmas.

Is public nudity immoral? How are bodies and sex understood? Does nudity necessarily lead to sex? Is sex a sin? Yu-Chun Lo wants to know how people imagine nudist events. And how naturalists perceive themselves. Lo designed an image-based app for debates. The users can make a collage that best represents their imagination or experience with the images found online. The collage is then uploaded to the cloud, creating a database. The users can view the uploaded collages afterwards and compare the perspectives of the insiders and outsiders, contributing to the debates on their personal values.



January, 2019

Images created from the workshop